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What is the Sparrow Knight?

The Sparrow Knight is a fully capable FPV quadcopter frame with a small form factor.  It is unique in design and function.  The Sparrow Knight Frame incorporates many features that other Racing FPV Frames leave out.  These items include angled camera mounts, Integrated battery connectors and more.

The Sparrow knight is part of the Inventor FPV line of Quadcopters and is

“Thinking Outside the Box”

Sparrow Knight Small and Light


Small and Light

We have worked hard to design a frame that is not like other traditional frames, but is as light as possible.  The result:

Weight of complete airframe with Stainless hardware and nylon risers: 124.4g

The Sparrow Knight 180mm Quadcopter

Big Design in a Small Package

We have designed our 180mm quad with the same features that we incorporate in our larger ones.  The result? A high performance machine in a small package.


The kit includes 3 3D printed landing gear-  This means that the Sparrow Knight is ready for hard landings and scraping across the pavement.  If you want to upgrade the landing gear to Sparrow Claws, you can they fit the Sparrow Knight perfectly!


The Sparrow Knight also keeps the front camera well protected with a durable front bumper.

Sparrow Knight features
Sparrow Knight carbon comparison

Strong 45 degree 3k carbon

The Sparrow line of quadcopters use a 45 degree weave carbon fiber pattern.  Although more expensive, this carbon is the best to make odd shapes out of such as quadcopters.  Our Sparrows are TOUGH!

Center Mounted Battery

Center mounted battery location for better CG than other designs.

Sparrow Knight center mounted battery
Multiple Motor Mounting Options

Multiple Motor Mounting Options

The knight mounts most popular motor choices for mini quads from 1806 all the way up to 2208 sizes.


Made for 1300-2204 motors


180mm class footprint


3K 45mm weave Carbon fiber design


Props cutting off your battery wire is a thing of the past


Includes 5-in-1 PDB with included BEC, Lost model alarm, Low voltage alarm and LED Light controller.

Sparrow Knight Top Down
Knight Rear View


Vtx antenna mounting location. To secure your antenna


multiple motor mounting options


Center Mounted Battery


Includes 3d Printed Hoop Style Landing Gear. Can be upgraded to Nylon Sparrow Claws if desired.


Angle adjustable FPV camera hanger.

Ready for FPV video transmitters

The frame has provisions for a female SMA connector to be mounted to the frame such as the one on the popular Hawkeye 200mw Vtx

Sparrow Knight frame mounted antenna
Sparrow Knight angled camera mount

Adjustable camera angle

The Sparrow Knight features an angle-adjustable FPV camera mount that can fit up to a 36mm board mount camera such as the Sony Superhad CCD.  It is made to fit with the RunCam Sky camera.

Sparrow Knight angled camera mount

Frame mounted XT-60 battery connector

Keep your battery leads out of your props!!  The sparrow knight follows the Sparrow Tradition by providing you with a frame mounted XT-60 connector.

Sparrow Knight frame mounted xt-60 connector

Fly the knight and upgrade to the Sparrow line of Quadcopters.

Sparrow Knight with Gopro

The process
  • Order your Sparrow Knight

  • Choose a configuration

    We recommend 4`` props and 2300-2700kv motors

  • get help

    Get Help if needed from QuadQuestions

  • Install your gear

    (the fun part)

  • Fly

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