Sparrow Racing Quad

The sparrow quad is a carbon fiber FPV (first person view) racing quadcopter that is designed by Inventors and pilots.


Thinking outside of the box

Layered Design

Most other designs are essentially flying boxes with a top and bottom plate.  We have designed the Sparrow in layers, eliminating the parallelogram effect that can happen with box type frames.

Run 5″ or 6″ propellers

The Sparrow is a 270mm frame which means that you can run a variety of configurations without having to purchase items such as motor extenders.  This gives the builder the freedom to run a 5″ or 6″ propeller, larger motors, larger batteries, etc.

Sparrow Top Down

Frame Mounted Battery Connector

The Sparrow keeps your battery wires out of your props.  This can prevent fires and other problems common with other frames.

Sparrow Quad Power Distribution board PDB

28oz copper Power Distribution Board & Wiring Simplifier.

The Sparrow comes with a 28oz PDB and wiring simplifier to make the wiring easier.  We’ve also spared no expense to make these boards handle the most demanding current draws.  We have tested it at 100 amps without failure.

Sparrow Quad Power Distribution board PDB back side

Angle adjustable camera holder

The Sparrow is designed with an angled FPV camera holder that is designed to work well for the beginner that needs to look straight ahead, to the most seasoned FPV Pilot that needs extreme tilt to stay ahead of the race.

Tons of Accessories

The Sparrow has many different accessories to help you custom build it to your liking, from GPS mounts to Titanium Screw Sets.

Sparrow Angled Mobius Mount

Color Selectable LED Orientation Lights included.

The Sparrow comes with Color Selectable Orientation Lights.  They can be placed anywhere on the frame that you would like because they are held on with high-strength 3m Surface mount tape.

Crash Resistant 3mm 45 degree Carbon Fiber construction

The Sparrow features a 3mm thick 45 degree Carbon fiber bottom plate that can withstand hard crashes with ease.    The top plates are 2mm carbon fiber to reduce weight while still maintaining structural integrity.  We choose to go with 45 degree carbon because although more expensive, it is much better suited for quads because out their odd shape.

Sparrow Racking Quad Carbon Fiber

Swooped front arms

The Sparrow is designed with it’s front arms swooped back.  This solves the problem of traditional x type quads because it acts as a battering ram.

I.E.the frame tends to deflect when striking objects where as an X type quad tends to concentrate the energy towards the middle of the quadcopter.

Additional Features

Center Mounted Battery

The Sparrow puts the battery where it should be. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE QUAD! This allows for better Center of gravity, allowing the quad to fly in a balanced manner, with all motors working equally as hard to give the Sparrow flight.

3K 45 degree CNC machined Carbon fiber frame.

The Sparrow uses some of the finest Carbon fiber in the industry. We have worked to source the best materials for the frame, and the result is beautifully machined- real Carbon Fiber pieces that are stronger than most others

Easy to assemble

Although the frame looks complicated, we have made the assembly process easy. The instruction manual features exploded diagrams, parts scales, and many pages to illustrate exactly how to assemble the frame. We even include the tools to do it.

Frame Mounted Battery Connector

The Sparrow has a frame mounted battery connector, which solves the problem that many other quads have. This allows you to plug your battery into the frame and prevent the possibility of getting your battery cables sucked into your propellers- a common problem amongst other designs.

Stainless Hardware

We choose to go with high strength, non oxidizing 304 Stainless hardware to hold together the Sparrow.

Angled FPV mounts.

The Sparrow features angle-adjustable FPV mounts. This means that you can look where you are going when flying the sparrow, instead of at the ground.

Crash Worthy.

The Sparrow comes with replaceable arms that can be easily replaced in the event of a crash.

Easy to work on

Most of our pilots rave about how easy the Sparrow is to work on, With it's compartmentalized design, The Sparrow allows easy access to electronic components, even though they are well protected.

Flexible Design

Many different configurations are available, We designed the frame to accept either 5`` or 6`` props, so you can choose your discipline based on skill level and fully customize the sparrow for you.

Introduction Video
``Thinking outside of the box.``

Innovative design and manufacturing processes set the Sparrow Quad apart from the Competition.

We've created a new tooling method for cutting our carbon fiber. The result- Extremely high quality carbon cutting

Our Team

Dick Lam


Lam is the inventor of the Sparrow. He is a watchmaker by trade, which explains the beautiful and intricate design of the Sparrow Line of Quadcopters.


Anthony Jacobs


Anthony has worked closely with Lam to bring the Sparrow to Life. He is a pilot by trade and owns the quadcopter blog and store He also hosts a Youtube channel dedicated to helping people learn about the FPV quadcopter hobby.


Jon Casey

Pilot-Technical advisor

Jon is an award wining pilot and the winner of the Canadian Nationals. Jon Flies the Sparrow because he likes the design, and he is a technical advisor to the team.


Chad Little

Technical Guru

Chad has many years of experience building quadcopters and he has a passion for helping others learn how to build and fly. He owns a multitude of different quadcopters and has a solid no-how of a multitude of Quadcopter technologies.

Highwind FPV Sparrow

The Sparrow Racing Quad

We have put a great deal of thought into this frame.  We wanted to create something unique amongst the other frames, that not only is built for style, but also to address some common problems with many Box-type frames available.  Designed by a watchmaker-pilot, inspired by nature,with help from some of of the creative minds in the hobby, The Sparrow was born.
Watch guts
Agressive Sparrow

Designed by Pilots, Inspired by Nature

A truly Unique Design has been born.


Transformable and Adaptable

The Sparrow can be transformed into a hexacopter or a 250mm sized quadcopter with ease by using one of our adapter kits.

Sparrow Racing Quad Top Elevated view

We Listen to our customers

Our team is dedicated to improving our design.  We work closely with our customers and listen to what they have to say. The result is a truly unique and dynamic product, one that has taken off in a completely new and refreshing direction.

Its’ Awesome

We think you will agree.


I love how easy my sparrow is to work on.John Doe
It’s amazing being able to see where I am flying! The Sparrow is a vast improvement over other FPV QuadCopter Designs. Keep up the good work!Dominic Rodriguez
The Sparrow guys sent me some additional screws for free just to upgrade me to the latest version of the quad, even though I have owned it for a few months already. I am a Sparrow owner for life!Jimmy schmidt
My Sparrow Flies like a bird. The Center mounted battery is brilliant!James

Better Design

Our Sparrow has been designed differently, The result is a craft that is easy to work on, easy to fly, and something that is entirely refreshing.

High Quality Components

Our materials and machining practices are top-notch. The result? A beautifully designed and manufactured product.

Built By Pilots

We are Quad Pilots, We know what works and what doesn't The shortcomings in other designs is what inspired us to create the Sparrow.

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